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  • Termites

    Termites are one of the most common pests in America. Which means out of all pests Americans are more likely to experience a termite infestation than an infestation of any other pest. Termites are also one of the most expensive pests causing approximately $2 billion in damages per year.

    Termites will likely infest a home where soil is close to walls. Stone, Brick, or Stucco Foundations that keep walls and siding high off the ground do not really help deter termites. Termites will build mud tubes along the stone foundations of homes until they reach wood. These mud tubes help protect them as they travel and feed on the wood of homes.

  • Termite Information

    There are over 3000 species of termites, with most living in tropical regions with warm climates. In the United States, Florida has the most termite activity. Termites are also more active in the warmer months than in colder months of the year. Preventing and Eliminating Termites is very important, since termites will likely cause major structural damage to a home which can be expensive to repair.

  • Treatment Options

    Treatment options differ depending on situation. Listed below is the normal treatment option given typical situations. Please call for an inspection, because each case is different.

    Please Call for Detailed Information About Our Treatment Options (Click Here)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to get rid of a termite infestation?
      • Request an Inspection from your Exterminator to verify termite activity.
      • Once verified, schedule a service date.
      • Termite treatment includes a 1 year warranty for treated area only.
      • Call immediately if you notice more termites.
    2. How can I tell if I have a termite infestation?
    3. Termites can be mistaken for ants. Property owners will mistaken termites for ants and not take action right away. Moreover, termites bodies do not like air, so they are not likely to wander around where you can see them. Here are a few signs you may have termites: Tubes - tubes of dirt running along the siding of your house are a possible sign of termite infestation. Decayed wood - decayed wood is another possible sign of termite infestation.You experience a swarm - of flying insects that can be mistaken for ants. If you experience any of the above, please give us a call immediately.

    4. How did I get termites?
    5. Termites love wood. If your home comes in contact with dirt at any point, it may likely attract termites. Decks and Porches can increase the likelihood of a termite infestation. Also, if there is significant moisture or pooled water close the perimeter of your home that can also attract termites. Termites will also fly (swarm) from one home to another. If termites are active in your neighborhood, it is prudent to have your structure treated to discourage the habitation of termites.

    6. How long does it take to get rid of termites?
    7. It depends on the situation and the severity of the infestation. Upon our inspection, the Technician will inform you of the treatment process and when you can expect the termites to be gone. This will give you the ability to schedule for any structural repairs with a contractor, if needed.

    8. How can I prevent getting termites again?
      • Avoid using wood next to the foundation of your home.
      • Keep moisture and sprinkler systems away from your foundation to reduce termite attracting moisture.
      • Keep plants and trees and other cellulose material 3 to 4 feet away from foundation.
      • Keep area around the foundation dry and free from wood material that can attract termites.

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